How PDF Invoices Can Make Things More Effective (And Easier) For Your Business

Up until just recently, the normal process of doing invoices involved a lot of paperwork, considerable time and last but not least at times significant additional costs. Think about the requirement having to dedicate staff for your invoicing, the time it takes for transcribing all your paper invoices, along with the costs involved with mailing. The time that it often takes until invoices are processed even taken into account.

With PDF invoices, all these disadvantages of the traditional invoice process can be a thing of the past.

What are PDF invoices?

PDF invoices, or more commonly referred to as electronic invoicing, in a nutshell, mean that your entire invoices can now be done digitally, without paperwork and most importantly instantly because you can send and receive them over the Internet.

Electronic invoicing involves that both parties, in this case you and your supplier or client use a 3rd party electronic invoice provider. When you create your invoices, you can do so as before with the exception that you don’t need to print your PDF invoice but email it to the electronic invoice provider instead. This provider will convert your PDF invoice into a digital format and will then dispatch it to your recipient. The entire process is easy and straightforward and can be 100% automated. In other words, you will be able to create an invoice, send it on its way and it will be received and processed by your recipient within minutes!

But it’s not only the speed and cost savings the make some of the biggest advantages of PDF invoicing. Along with electronic invoices comes a significant amount of more flexibility for almost all types of businesses. Think about the fact that you will be able to do your invoices no matter where you are as long as you have access to a computer or smart phone. You can do your invoices any time, even on the road when you’re out and about.  This newly gained mobility alone can make PDF invoices very appealing!

The best thing about PDF invoices is that the costs involved are very low so that any type of business can easily make the switch to this new and highly effective way of invoicing.